Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid-Week Update

Somehow managed to get out of work early today, so I stopped in by Daffy's for a minute just to take a look around; surprisingly, the store had gotten a lot of stuff in early this week, whereas most weeks the majority comes in on the Friday truck.

Tons more shirts from Milena SpA (made in Italy),  especially under the Del Siena and Carrel marks. Very nice stuff indeed, $29.99, as per usual. Unsure if most stores will be putting these out on the racks or leaving them in boxes. Will vary by store depending on how many shirts they get in/how much room they have.

Small selection of ties from Bruno Piatelli (made in China), slim cut; last season I was not impressed with these, but they're better quality than almost all the new ties they got in from Kenneth Cole, Geoffrey Beene, Penguin, etc... - a few very nice wool ties, though they're 50/50 wool and poly, but no one will be able to tell the difference. $19.99 a pop.

Shoes from R.J. Colt and Unlisted by Kenneth Cole. The RJ Colt ones had these huge lug soles, almost like they came off a 70's disco floor, really ugly. And the Unlisted shoes weren't much better. Avoid both at all costs.

In sportswear, seems like all the stores got in a selection of Avia athletic shorts, though none in a size small, and just came in this week were some pretty awful fleece sweatshirts under that label as well - I mean, if the fleece feels cheap, it can't be good.

Finally, all sale merchandise is an additional 25% off. There are some good deals to be had there, especially on items from Sait/Mastai Ferretti, and jeans from William Rast that are already marked down to approx. $47.

And for those of you w/access to the new store on 44th & 8th, it has been reported that there are blazers from Ortenzi, and pants from Tombolini, both made in Italy and highly recommended by yours truly.

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