Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Sign of the Future?

A very good read on the closing of the entire Syms/Filene's Basement chain.  Just because people are now looking for bargains and discounters are doing well, doesn't mean everyone is profiting - a warning to our friends in Daffy's corporate that it's time to shape up. WSJ Article

I will have a full report on my live tweeting adventures later this weekend on the blog. For those of you that missed the tweet regarding 44th & Broadway - they got in a HUGE shipment of merchandise from Tyrone's (check prior posts), which included a number of great looking suits from Isaia and Pal Zileri, and sportscoats from Zegna, Belvest and Boglioli. And the store also got in suits from Tombolini (made in Italy) - those things were truly awesome - $199 each - a steal.

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  1. Filene's men's clothing really spiraled downward once Syms took over, unless Nautica and overpriced Missoni are your cuppa. I'd personally love to see Daffy's move into the Filene's downtown DC space, but probably not enough pedestrian density for their purposes.