Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transit Has Dropped + More Shirting and High-End Ties

Glad to say one of my favorite brands Daffy's gets in each year has finally hit the stores. Transit (made in Italy) came in last week for women and came in this week for men. Unfortunately, like most years, the selection is not very big and you likely won't see a wide array of merchandise in most stores. The usual suspects should get a decent selection -- 34th St., Soho, 57th East Side. Paramus, NJ and 18th St. usually get some as well, and the store I visited tonight was 57th West side, which definitely is carrying it, though maybe 20 pieces total at this particular location. Prices are a bit more expensive than other items, but it's well worth it -- the quality and design on this stuff is just awesome.

For those of you unaware of the brand, probably most unless you're a 'Yellow Bagger' ;), I'd say it's an aesthetic very similar to John Varvatos -- very laid-back, with a rocker edge; however, the quality is way better than any of the stuff that Varvatos gets produced over in the far east. The only caveat being that Daffy's usually gets mostly knits and outerwear, and all in larger sizes -- smalls are very hard to find. On occasion, they'll get in some pants and/or shorts.

I've posted some of the favorite items I spotted at 57th St. west side (Apologies for the picture-quality -- it's all taken on my Blackberry). One is an army-green striped cotton-henley, another was a cotton roll-neck knit which is very on point right now (see offerings from Vince's spring line starting at $200+), and my favorite is the jacket - linen/cotton blend w/a very distinctive edgy look to it; sadly, it wasn't in a small, only a medium at this store. Pricing, as mentioned is slightly more expensive than most items -- the jacket was marked $119, unsure of the other items pictured, likely between $50-$60. Hope to have more pics up of some nice Transit finds later this week.

Some other stuff worth mentioning ---

57th St. west side had some additional merchandise from Tyrone (see prior posts) -- specifically, they had one white dress shirt from Zegna in a size 16 (most I've seen of these is at 44th & Madison store), as well as a number of ties from Isaia (a few wools) and Luciano Barbera -- all these ties were marked at $40 -- not very many, maybe 6 or 7 in total -- remember to look for the little white price tag with the handwritten price on it.

Also, it appears some new shirting came in. Not very many pieces, looks to be samples, but the store had shirts from a Spanish label called Arnau (made in Spain), apparently made by a company called A&C Camiseros. Quality was pretty good, though didn't catch the price since nothing in my size - likely $30/shirt which is the usual and customary for dress shirts at Daffy's.

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