Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coming Soon, Ties from Personality Milano

Quick update on a few nice bits and pieces I've seen over the past few days, neither one had a lot of merchandise, but worth mentioning:

1) Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto (made in Italy) -- Small selection of casual wear at the Soho store from Coming Soon, produced by Sinv. Previous years have also had items from Love Moschino and McQ by Alexander McQueen, both produced by Sinv as well. Various shirts, pants and a few pieces of outerwear, all reasonably priced given the label -- button-down shirts were a bit expensive at around $50, but I saw a jacket for $70 -- so some of the stuff is a better buy than others. Still, very nice merchandise which will likely go very fast.

2) Ties from Personality Milano (made in Italy) -- This is part of the shipment from Tyrone's mentioned in prior posts. These were all marked at $50/tie. High for Daffy's considering the most expensive ties there are usually $30, but you're paying extra for the fact that these are retail closeouts rather than direct from manufacturer. The ties were all standard width, nothing on the skinnier side from what I saw. Only seen at the 18th St. store, and that is the only Tyrone merchandise they have from what I've seen. There were maybe 5 or 6 ties in total from what I found, and they were all mixed in with everything else on the tie rack, so get ready to dig.

As for other stuff, all the stores have gotten in a huge amount of merchandise from John Barritt (made in Italy) (see prior posts) - including suits, blazers, pants, shorts, etc... This includes stuff marked 'Mr. Ramos' and 'Luck in Luck' -- again, not my favorite stuff, but construction isn't bad. Also, it seems like some of the stores have gotten a small restock of Jey Cole Man (made in Italy) -- truly one of my favorite brands --- a few stores also got in some cool studded belts if you can find them -- belts seen at 44th and Madison and 18th St. stores. 

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