Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moschino + More Suiting - Sartoriani

Stopped in at the 57th East Side store tonight, and saw a few interesting things worth noting -

1) A load of suits from a company called Sartoriani -- After a bit of digging online, it appears they make made to measure suits in London (NOT true bespoke for those of you that care, as it's machine made). Many people appear to have had some true horror stories ordering from the company in the UK, but that doesn't really affect what Daffy's has gotten in. This stuff is pretty good quality and is at least a step above some of the lower-end suits Daffy's often carries (i.e., FB, Kemitch, GAF, etc...). The only problem is that these are all leftover suits from customers that either did not pick them up or did not like what was made for them -- so there is no standard sizing, and all the suits come in different shapes, styles, etc... You will need to look through everything to try and find what fits you. Daffy's had sizing on their tickets, but I'm assuming that's just from doing a chest measurement of the jacket. At $99.99, however, you can't really complain about this stuff; apparently they charge something like £495 for one of these suits to be made (roughly $900-$1000).

2) A few pieces from Moschino (made in Italy) -- I saw literally 2 sweaters and a pair of pants, that was it. The sweaters were marked $69.99, if I remember correctly. Not much, but Daffy's never gets in a wide assortment of stuff from the label, usually just a few odds and ends. Last fall they had a decent assortment from the Love Moschino line (the lower-end diffusion line) at a few of the stores, but I haven't seen that yet for Spring. Nice stuff, just don't expect to find big selections at any of the stores, that is even if you can find it anywhere. At the 57th St. store, the Moschino stuff was mixed in w/the Messori merchandise as their wasn't enough to warrant its own separate rack.

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