Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Incotex and Unfortunately More Cosby Sweaters

Daffy's got in a nice amount of Incotex pants early this week. For those of you that haven't heard of the brand, it's probably the best pants manufacturer out there; while production is often based in Romania or Portugal (some stuff is produced in Italy, but the majority I saw at Daffy's were not), the construction and fabrication is usually a step above everything else. There's a reason that the main stores that sells these things are Saks (only the 5th Avenue store from what I've seen), Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus; on occasion they'll turn up at Neiman's Last Call stores, but they're priced at around $90+ for wool pants. They're well worth that -- original retail on cottons is around $150; wools over $200.

But somehow, Daffy's is selling these things at insane prices -- the full-price ones are $29.99 for cotton, and I believe $50 or $60 for wools (unsure, as all I saw in wool were ones marked 'as-is'); ones marked 'AS IS' are selling for $16.99 cottons, $23.99 for wools.

I noticed a minor hole in one of the wool 'AS IS' ones, but the other things I inspected seemed perfectly fine to me. Only caveat is that the interior Incotex label will be torn out on most of these pants (see picture at left re: the torn label).

The pants can be identified both by the torn label, and the band of blue fabric w/the european sizing on it across the waistband on the interior of the pant (see picture above).

Pick these up while you can, because they are complete and utter steals.

UPDATE: So far I've only found these at the Paramus, NJ store and East Hanover, NJ stores; 57th St. East Side and 34th St. did not have these in as of 3/11.  

And...of course with the greatness of Incotex...
there must come some junk; yin and yang I suppose. Daffy's got in more Cosby sweaters (see the original post from back in November), this time in short-sleeve form. It ceases to amaze me how on certain things the Daffy's buyers seem to be on point and then on others, they're completely out of touch with modern style sensibilities. STAY AWAY from these, unless like you want to look like Mr. Cosby, though perhaps these short sleeve versions would make you look more like Shawn from Boy Meets World, circa 1996. Brands include Birillo, Stacatto and Robert Banks.

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