Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pants, Leathers, More Suits...

A bit more merchandise came in later this week, though it really depends which location you go to. Here are the highlights:

1) Leather Jackets and More from Space 2000 SpA (madn Italy) - Space 2000 produces both the Bomboogie line and the Censured line. There were a good deal of leather jackets from both brands at every Daffy's location I visited this week, all priced around $99. Not as good as the stuff from Compagnia Delli Pelle or Alex & Co., but still worth a look. Usually Daffy's also gets a good amount of casual-wear from these two lines as well, but that selection seems limited this season. I managed to picked up a short-sleeve polo shirt at one of the stores for a paltry $10, but even that was pretty rare. I used to buy almost all my shorts from the Bomb Boogie line, but it looks like I may have to look elsewhere for that this summer.

2) Pants from Giab's (made in Italy) - In the past, Giab's has produced for some great names, including Aquascutum and  Bamford and Sons. They also produce their own lines called 'Giab's', and 'Whipcord'. Last fall, Daffy's had a great selection; this season it doesn't seem like there is very much, as I only saw the merchandise at the 44th & Madison location, and it was only a handful of pants mixed in with everything else. Look for a brown hang tag with a white label on one side of it. Only thing to be aware of with this stuff -- In the past there have often been defects with the pants, usually a color or material problem -- be sure to look over the pants before buying and look for any items with a neon dot sticker on them - that is usually to indicate where the defect is located.

3) Shirting and Some Blazers/Vests from Lab Cinquantuno (made in Italy) - Lab Cinquantuno, or '51 Lab' as you will see on many products, produces casual clothing including shirts, blazers, vests and pants. The stuff isn't of any particularly great quality, but the design is often intriguing -- a bit of streetwear inspiration in the looks. As I just mentioned, the quality on this stuff isn't terrific when compared with the majority of shirting Daffy's gets in -- often you'll notice if you try and unbutton the buttons, you'll hear some stitching pop -- not a great sign. These are priced between $23.99-$29.99 for shirts (prices went up slightly since last season), more/less for the other items. Not my favorite stuff, but deserves a menion.

4) More Suiting from Ortenzi (made in Italy) -- I mentioned this line in a prior post; just wanted to give an update -- the only other location other than Elizabeth that is carrying these suits right now is 43rd & Madison -- I honestly don't know why that's the case, given it is the smallest out of all the Daffy's locations, but such is life. They're some great buys - most of the suits at the 43rd store was marked at $119, only problem being that almost all the suits were a size 40. Doesn't do anything good for a guy like me who needs a size 36 :(

Anyway, that's about all this week; More shoes came in from Donald Pliner (made in Italy) at all the stores -- some really nice stuff if you can find your size. I also noticed some ties from Piattelli, though these were all marked 'Made in China' so I'm skeptical of authenticity on those items, unless production has been moved out of Italy. Oh, and if you see polo-shirts folded up in plastic coverings, marked 'Uomo Bravo' -- STAY AWAY FROM THESE SHIRTS. Daffy's is asking $9.99 for them, and they're worth maybe $4.99 at best. These are total junk, and I often don't understand why Daffy's carries the line -- from what I can tell 'Uomo Bravo' is a brand owned by Daffy's (see the USPTO trademark registration), and they specifically produce stuff for the stores under that label, which often leads to total junk -- though I will admit I picked up a pair of chukkas from the line about a month ago.


  1. Have you seen the suede leather jackets that are made in italy and 149 at daffy's? The compaby's tag is cut, but starts with an O and ends with an l. Do you know this company. They fell great.

  2. I honestly have no clue as to that one. All the leathers w/the tags cut came in early on in the season and have no markings on them to indicate where they were manufactured. Some of them had the name 'Les Mares' on them, but I couldn't find anything particularly useful w/that. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  3. Though, now that I think about it - did the jacket have a hang-tag on it? ZeroSettanta had a bunch of suede shirt-jackets (best description I can give you). Also, I've seen some suede from Alex & Co. as well - but, again, those had hang tags and I believe the label was intact on the inside.

    The ones I was thinking of in my prior comment did not have labels or hangtags. If you have a hang tag, I can likely identify it if you send over a pic; w/out a hang-tag I'm out of ideas.

  4. I got couple of Whip Cord (Wool) trousers and that looked high felt high quality wool pants from daffy's, the 43rd and Madison one. I have never heard of this. What is it? And What do you think of the quality of this brand?
    One thing that I noticed though is that the size tag was most likely incorrect and description of the product as well. It read 74% LANA for the material .. I have no clue what "LANA" is

  5. Whipcord is made by Giab's. Very high quality stuff - in the past there have been items from Bamford & Sons and Aquascuttum that came in from Giab's. Lana is Italian for Wool.