Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Update

Stopped in at 44th & Madison tonight, wanted to mention a few bits and pieces -- a few Luciano Barbera ties from the Tyrone shipment are hidden amongst the tie selection at $50 each, and there are a number of Prada belts all around sizes 36-38 are next to the ties as well -- $80 a pop.

Also, it looks like Daffy's is getting in dress shirts from Alara. These things aren't too spectacular -- the only place I've ever seen them outside of Bloomingdales was Loehmann's. Fit is good, but not made as well as other brands Daffy's carries like Mastai Ferretti and stuff from Alea. Charging a $10 premium on these shirts for some reason, over the normal $30 dress shirt fee -- so $40/shirt. At 44th street, they were all on the wall w/the folded up shirts in plastic.

As a note to all Daffy's locations -- I don't care if you keep the Calvin Klein, Sean John and Geoffrey Beene shirts folded up. But PLEASE -- do not put out the good shirts folded up in boxes or in plastic wrap and then expect that they're going to sell. No one, except for likely myself and a few other obsessed fans, will have the patience to look through every box and shirt to look at the size and color/pattern -- and then I've had employees get upset when I ask to try one on.  Do us all a favor and keep shirts like those from Milena SpA (Delsiena, Milena, Mauro, Marcus, etc...) accessible on the racks. You can keep the lower-end made in China stuff boxed up and hidden from view for all I care, but don't ruin some of the best merchandise you have.

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