Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High End is Back + More Suits

About a month ago, I wrote about the one major retail closeout Daffy's gets once per season -- high end merchandise from a store on Long Island called Tyrone's (see original post, here). Well that time has come again this season -- Daffy's has gotten in the spring merchandise, and so far I'm impressed --

I visited the 44th & Madison store last night and they had a small selection of shirts from Ermenegildo Zegna (including Su Misura) and Lorenzini, all in Size 16, around $70 a piece. The way you can tell this merchandise comes from the store is because it will almost always have a little white hand-written hang tang on the garments with the size and original retail price -- see pic to the right.

The big question now is -- Where did the glut of the merchandise go? Usually what happens is that one store gets a rack of merchandise including suits, sportcoats, shirts and pants (previous seasons have included Pal Zileri, Belvest, Luciano Barbera, Canali, Caruso & Moschino, amongst other labels), and the other stores get a sprinkling of merchandise. Last fall it was the 18th St. store that received the glut, though in previous years it was always the Paramus, NJ store. Your guess is as good as mine where this stuff wound up, but PLEASE -- leave a comment on this post if you see this stuff at any other Daffy's location -- remember - look for the white hang tag, and slightly higher prices.

And in other news...some more suiting came in, this time from John Barritt (made in Italy). I mentioned this stuff once before -- it's not my favorite merchandise as there's often a lot of synthetics, but the construction is pretty good and the price-point isn't too bad either. I saw a number of double-breasted suits at the 44th & Madison store if that interests anyone, larger sizes only (40 on up).


  1. Do you ever go to the Brooklyn location? I've only been a couple of times but didn't have time to hunt.

  2. Nah, never been to Brooklyn, Queens or the currently closed Long Island store. I mainly cover NYC, and the North-Jersey stores; I go down to Philly maybe once every 4 months or so on business, and on occasion have a chance to visit the Westchester, NY store and the ones in Elizabeth & Seacaucus, NJ.

    If you find anything in Brooklyn, or anywhere else for that matter, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to incorporate the info into a future post.

  3. Hey - this is a great site. I've always wanted to create something similar but this even better than what I had in mind. Thanks for doing it!

  4. So you mean to say you cover Manhattan? Last time I checked Brooklyn and Queens are both in NYC. Just messing with ya!

  5. I just picked up a Luciano Barbera shirt with the white tag you described at 44th & Madison. $69.