Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gazzarrini -- Don't Expect Much This Season

After a business trip down to Philly last week, I managed to work in a stop at the lone Daffy's outside of NY & NJ -- on the corner of 17th & Chestnut St's in Philadelphia. Quite a beautiful store if you've never had the chance to stop in - I'm speaking about the building itself -- quite old, 5 floors and lots of great architecture that you don't find in modern buildings anymore. Probably the nicest Daffy's location of all in terms of the physical store.

Now back to the focus of this post -- Gazzarrini. Gazzarrini has been a longtime fixture in the men's section at Daffy's, and while the suit selection was paltry at best last season, there was at least a good amount of other merchandise from the label at just about every location. But things have gotten a lot worse this season -- the only two locations that seem to have gotten any merchandise from Gazzarrini this season are 34th St. Herald Square and Philadelphia. And there isn't much at all - I counted maybe 5 or 6 suits total in Philadelphia, and a few pairs of pants mixed in with everything else. 34th St didn't seem to have much at all either -- and no other stores have received any merchandise from the line -- period.

If I'm a betting man, I think that's all we're going to get this season from Gazzarrini. As for the other usuals, Jey Cole Man is decent this season -- see prior posts (34th St, 57th St, Soho, 18th St, Paramus NJ), and Patrizia Pepe has not popped up anywhere yet -- neither men's nor women's merchandise.

Other Notables: Here's some stuff that has been appearing in Daffy's over the last few weeks: ---

Shirting from Mastai Feretti (made in Italy): These are some phenomenal quality shirts, just don't expect much from the actual 'Mastai Feretti' label this season. The vast majority of the shirts right now from the Mastai Feretti factory (which is made by Truzzi) are marked 'Jeff Kerry' & 'Brual'

Coats/Jackets from ZeroSettanta (made in Italy): Daffy's first started stocking these jackets last season, and I'm glad to see them back again. Very well-made jackets at inexpensive prices. Look for labels marked 'ZeroSettanta' (in cursive, see the pic to the right), and '070'. The only problem I have with this label is that every coat Daffy's seems to get from the company is a size 40US/50EU. Best part is that one of Daffy's local competitors (Century 21) carried coats from this label last season for nearly $70 more than Daffy's.

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