Monday, February 14, 2011

New In This Week + Other Sightings

New Arrivals --

1) Bernard Zins (made in France) - A good amount of pants and a few blazers from this label popped up at the 44th & Madison store. Nowhere near the sheer volume of pants as from Mabitex, but from what I can tell this stuff is pretty well made - haven't been able to find much on the company other than the website itself. The blazers were marked around $40, the pants I don't remember; probably $40-$50 per pair.

2) Shirting from Alea Fashion Industries (made in Italy) -- So far I've only seen a handful of shirts which weren't too thrilling. The past few seasons, the shirting from Alea has been my favorite -- very fashion-forward, slim-cut and often the availability of narrow collars which are great for skinny ties, but they've always had tons of it -- so far only a very limited selection. In particular, I love the Rosso Malaspino brand from Alea, but they also make stuff in their own name ('Alea'), HB by Alea, Golf Club and a few other random labels.  These will generally run you $30/shirt which is a true steal. Again, compare these prices to the same brands sold on Yoox -- close to $90 for the same exact items.

3) Messagerie (made in Italy) -- Daffy's doesn't usually get much from this label, but the merchandise is phenomenal quality and the styling is very modern. This season it appears they only got in a few leathers, and that's it -- I saw one leather jacket at the 43rd & Madison store, and a leather vest and jacket at the Paramus, NJ store. I'm unsure whether these came in w/Compagnia Delle Pelli or if they're a separate shipment, but either way, pick it up if you can find it in your size -- will set you back around $179. The only thing to be careful of with this stuff is that it appears the leathers they got were samples, and there may be markings on the leather or problems w/the materials or linings. This is another brand I wish Daffy's was able to get more of -- the stuff is just such high quality and on-point when it comes to styling. If you manage to find it, every so often you'll find stuff from Bryan Husky, which is owned by the same parent company as Messagerie. Great stuff as well.

Other Sightings:

Not necessarily new, but I saw a few pairs of shoes (read: 3 pairs total) from Italian manufacturer Boemos, and another label it produces under, Mo's. These things are on-par with Tremp and just about any major Italian shoe company you can find -- in fact they produce shoes for the Barney's Co-Op line (I happen to have picked up a pair marked as such last season at Daffy's). The problem this year will be actually finding the stuff -- the 43rd & Madison store had literally 3 pairs which weren't so great, though they had a great selection from Tremp if you don't mind flipping through the boxes. I expect the Soho store to get a lot of this stuff, as they traditionally have gotten a lot of it in the past -- also look for stuff from Boemos in a box marked 'Bait'.

It appears there are some suits from Xagon Man as well this season. Really nothing special, but worth noting. Seemed like a cotton blend of some sort.

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