Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick Update

Have a lot to write about the stuff that came in this week, but don't have time for a full write-up yet; here are the highlights:

- Lots more shirting from Alea Fashion Industries (made in Italy) -- includes, Alea, HB by Alea, Dino Erro, and my personal favorite, Rosso Malaspino (this stuff is awesome) -- both short and longsleeve

- Patrizia Pepe (made in Italy) merchandise has started to trickle in; unsure how much they'll be getting this season

- Casual shirting samples from a brand called Krush; not my thing, but apparently it's big out in Los Angeles -- some very 'interesting' styles -- check some of the styles here on Google Shopping.

- Plus...a little birdy told me that more Gazzarrini merchandise may actually be hitting stores in the next week. Hoping there's some truth to the rumor.

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