Monday, February 7, 2011

New Footwear Stock - Tremp

This past week, Daffy's got in it's shipment of shoes from 'Tremp' (made in Italy) -- not to be confused w/'tramp' -- honestly, some of these Italian companies need to think about how some of their brands are reflected in other languages...but I digress. The selection the last few years has been pretty slim, but it seems like most stores got a good amount of shoes this season. While I only saw a few lace-ups here and there (some very nice suede boots/chukkas if you can find them in your size), there were a TON of loafers and a few casual shoes (some w/velcro closures, I believe - along the lines of the stuff produced by Diesel).

Prices generally range from $50-$70, but the original retail on these things is well over $200. The construction is pretty darn good, and it's worth picking up a pair or two at that price.

Other Notables: This past week has been pretty uneventful other than the leathers from Compagnia Delle Pelli, over which I can't stop salivating. Hoping this week brings in some more suits -- unfortunately, all the stores got another shipment of junk suits from Romano's Le Colleizione (see earlier post re: 'Daffy's - Home of the $30 Suit?!?'); And also crossing my fingers for some more shirting.

And in other news: Apparently Daffy's is going to be opening a new store in Times Square next fall, which I honestly can't believe given their over-saturation in Midtown-Manhattan, and the fact that they can barely keep their stores fully-stocked as it is. But perhaps this means the buyers will start expanding beyond their traditional suppliers and branch out a little bit. Let's hope that's the case, otherwise the merchandise selection will be even further diluted.

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