Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Arrivals - Messori, Culturata, Xagon Man

Most of the Daffy's stores got in a whole bunch of new arrivals this week - here are the highs and lows -

1) Messori (made in Italy) -- You'll find a good amount of merchandise from Messori  at most Daffys locations. The stuff is pretty high quality, but the styling is very 'flashy' European - i.e., often some outrageous colors, patterns and materials. Pricing is a bit expensive for Daffy's normal fare -- Suits will run you $300, blazers $200, and a good selection of jeans and shirts will set you back around $50-$70 per item. Good stuff if you can find it in your size. Expect good selections at the Paramus, NJ store and the 57th St. East Side store.

2) Culturata Roma (made in Italy) -- This company makes some awesome fitted shirts, all made from organic cotton. Daffy's started carrying their merchandise last fall. Unfortunately, the selection is pretty sparse, and you'll find only a handful of shirts at each store -- I wish Daffy's also purchased some of their other items as well - a few blazers, ties, and other accessories; I saw the full line at a couple of months ago and it's really some nice stuff. Original price on these is well over $100/shirt; Daffy's has them for $30.

3) Xagon Man (made in Italy) -- The stuff I've seen at Daffy's over the years from this company has been pretty lackluster -- generally over-fitted and utilization of a lot of synthetic fabrics. So, normally, I'd say to stay away from the stuff, but it looks like Xagon Man has upped its game a little bit. Still, very fitted and usage of synthetics, but the quality and styling seems much more mature than in seasons past. From what I've seen, you'll see a few shirts, some pants, and a few blazers. I'm hopeful there will be some good stuff based on the website (I've never actually gone to the website to see the full-line before today).

Other Notables --- Some more leathers came in, this time from ZeroSettanta (made in Italy) (the outerwear company mentioned in a prior post) -- seems like it's mostly just some over-shirts - not really my thing, but the quality is good; Hi-Way/Bob/'Authentic Original Vintage Style' -- I'm on the fence about this stuff -- a couple years back, Hi-Way made some decent sweaters, but the stuff Daffy's got in right now is pretty sub-par - a few jersey-knit polo shirts, some t-shirts and some henleys. The long-sleeve jersey-henleys are really nice, but stay away from the short-sleeve knitted henleys - I tried one on myself and could hear the stitching come apart as I tried it on -- not really the sign of great quality. But the price point is from $9-14 on this stuff, so if you find something you like, no reason not to buy it.

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