Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Store Rundown + Gazzarrini Sighting

Quick rundown of the better brands available of spring merchandise in different stores in NYC and New Jersey right now (at least from the ones I've visited thus far), including ones not mentioned in previous postings:

1) Jey Coleman -- NYC: Available at 34th St., 57th St. West side (near Bloomingdales), Soho Store, 18th St. (off of Union Square) and 43rd St. (near Grand Central); NJ: Paramus, NJ -- Totowa and East Hanover have not received any Jey Coleman merchandise as of yet. Suits at all these locations except for 43rd St. (may have arrived since my last visit). The 18th St. store has the widest selection of JCM non-suiting items I have seen thus far (shirts, knits, etc...)

2) Simon Peet -- NYC: Blazers seen at 34th St., Soho Store and 43rd St. (near Grand Central); Suits only available at 34th St.

3) Hackett London -- NYC: A number of blazers seen from this brand at the Soho store

4) Charles Tyrwhitt -- NYC: A number of blazers seen in the Soho and 34th St. locations

5) Mabitex -- Every Daffy's location carries at least a rack or two of Mabitex pants

6) Daniele Fiesoli -- Every Daffy's location carries some of this merchandise

7) Solosali -- Thus far I've only seen this in the NJ stores I've been to -- Paramus, Totowa and  East Hanover

8) Liu Jeans -- Same NJ stores (Paramus, Totowa, East Hanover), and also seen at the Soho store in NYC

9) Umberto Zebra -- Again same NJ stores (Paramus, Totowa, East Hanover), and also seen at the Soho store in NYC

10) Rice - I've only seen suits from Rice thus far -- usually have coats, and shirts as well. But lots of the suits seen at 34th St. and Soho locations. Not my favorite label, but decent cut and construction. Material quality could be better.

11) Futuro/Asfalto/Bocodo - Every Daffy's I've visited seems to at least have a limited selection of suits from these labels. Most stores also have some shirts, pants and shorts.

12) Alessandro Gherardeschi/Age/Hacienda Publica -- Most stores have received at least some t-shirts from Hacienda Publica. I've seen Gherardeschi and Age shirts in the Soho store in NYC, the 57th St. store, the 18th St. Store and the East Hanover store in NJ. The 18th St. store has a great selection of stuff from Hacienda Publica beyond basic t-shirts which most of the stores have received -- including some cool knits and great fitting casual pants.

13) Shirting from Milena SPA - Most stores have received a very limited selection of shirting from Delsiena, Milena, B>More, and some other brands from the company, including Monteroso and Massimo Acai.

14) Shoes from Boemos -- I'm hoping what I've seen isn't everything, but I've seen a few boxes of shoes from Italian manufacturer Boemos at the East Hanover store in New Jersey, but that was it. Daffy's is usually stocked to the brim with this stuff at the beginning of the season; hopefully it's just slowly trickling in.

15) Casual Shoes from J. Shoes, PF Flyers & Diesel -- Seen at Soho Store, 34th St. and East Hanover Store in NJ

****16) Gazzarrini - I spotted one lone Gazzarrini suit from the spring merchandise in the 34th St. store, I believe it was a size 42, only $139. I truly hope this just means there's more where that came from, and not that that is all we're getting this season.

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head worth mentioning. Here's some stuff I'm hoping we'll see soon in stores, all items traditionally found at Daffy's each season: Shirting from Mastai Ferretti (incl. Bonser and Agho), Alea Fashion Industries (incl. Rosso Malaspino, HB by Alea) and Robert Friedman. All sorts of goodies from Patrizia Pepe and (hopefully) Gazzarrini. Hopefully a wider selection of shoes from Boemos, and a few random pairs from Enrico Fantini.

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