Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring Knits

The first shipment of knits for have arrived. Some really nice stuff from two major Italian labels - Solosali & Daniele Fiesoli. This weekend, I picked up a cardigan from Solosali and a button-down shirt from Daniele Fiesoli.

1) Solosali -- Daffy's first introduced this brand last Fall, and the merchandise is very nice quality. Generally you'll find some chunkier knits from them. There were also a few short-sleeve knitted polo shirts and cardigans. As with any garment, but particularly with this brand, make sure you try it on first before purchasing -- some of the cuts are a bit unflattering for most guys.  Prices are a bit on the expensive side for Daffy's stuff, but range from $40-60, original MSRP's of over $200. But when you compare that w/the over $100 price tag is asking on this stuff, it's a steal.

2) Daniele Fiesoli - ( - Always a great source of well-made knits, right now they have a good stock of sweaters and t-shirts, as well as a few button-down shirts. Fiesoli also produces under labels called 'Wool & Co.', and 'Milky Wear'.  As a general note, with all knits at Daffy's, be sure to inspect the garments before purchasing. Many will often have holes or fabric-pulls that can't be seen upon first glance. The items, especially from Danielle Fisoli, are very delicate.


Mentioned previously, a brand called 'Kemitch', they also produce a brand called 'Sartoria Corsini'. A lot of suits, shirts and pants from them right now -- avoid at all costs - poor quality, out-of-date styling. Similarly poor quality and out-of-date styling is anything marked 'FB Classs' or 'Linen Sartoriale'. These are two sister brands found mostly in the suit department. Horrible quality and poor craftsmanship.

And then some stuff I'm ON THE FENCE about...

'Umberto Zebra' -- All sorts of different pieces - jackets, shirts, pants, etc... -- the quality isn't horrible, but the styling is always way over the top for my tastes - shiny fabrics, awkward styling queues. There are plenty of people who like the brand, I'll just say it's not my cup of tea.

'Liu Jeans' -- Generally just some casual-wear - polo shirts, t-shirts; and usually all emblazoned with the Liu Jeans logo. After shopping at Daffy's for a few years now and buying nearly my entire wardrobe from them, I've sort of done-away with flashing logos on my clothes. But I'll let it slide for Liu Jeans, since the stuff is decent quality and has up-to-date styling.

IN OTHER NEWS...Sources tell me that a shipment of merchandise from Les Copains will be hitting stores soon -- truly some great high-end merchandise if you can find the stores that have it, and have your size. Still waiting for Patrizia Pepe and Gazzarrini; hoping to also see Transit in soon as welll

At some point this week, I will be delving a bit into the different Daffy's locations and which ones are worthwhile visiting. Stay tuned to for continual Spring merchandise updates.

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