Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jey Cole Man is Back!! + Some Other Goodies

As you may have seen in a prior post, I gushed about a brand called 'Jey Cole Man' (made in Italy) -- well after a season's long disappearance from Daffy's racks, JCM merchandise is now back! I only saw bits and pieces today as the shipment from the truck was just being put out, but what I saw was really great -- even some leather jackets -- and who doesn't need a purple leather jacket for spring ;)

I also saw a blazer from a brand called 'Simon Peet' (made in Italy). Daffy's never gets much from this label, usually a blazer or two, and on occasion some suits appear down at the Soho store. The stuff is always slim cut, w/narrow lapels. One of the better brands of which I wish they  had more merchandise.

Other notables: Leather jackets from a brand called 'Alex & Co.' (made in Italy); can't find much about them online, other than it looks like they're based out of Florence, Italy. Nice stuff from what I saw.

STAY CLEAR: Daffy's also just got in their shipment of suits and other merchandise from a brand called 'Kemitch.' While it is made in Italy, the merchandise is poor quality and styling is generally out of date. Stay away from this stuff.

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