Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Update Part I: Philly/Jersey

Shirts from Saitt (made in Italy)  are in stores now.  Large selection in just about every store, though, most stores are unable to put out everything on the floor at the moment due to space constraints. Philly did not have Saitt shirts in as of Friday, possibly still in the stock room.

Items from Copen Group, including Pennesi, De Curtis & Royal Hem, are out - a few suits and pants, and a lot of blazers and coats. Only available in Philly, Elizabeth (both locations) and Paramus. Some really beautiful pieces if you can find some things in your size.

Suits and blazers from Lombardelli are also available at Philly and Elizabeth 1/9. Nicely made stuff, though, most of the styling is a bit tired.

David Chu (made in Italy) items are available in every location -- really nicely made stuff, and at dirt-cheap prices. Lots of blazers and pants, the wool blazers starting at $69.99 for items that are worth $900+.

Shearlings from Owen Barry (made in England). Wonderfully made, but has never been the best-looking, and for $300+ per piece, you had better like it b/c everything is now final sale.

Leathers from Alex & Co. (made in Italy) - including some labels marked Givenchy, Prince Oliver, and Stephen Kempson. These jackets are on par w/the items from Compagnia Delle Pelli, truly beautiful pieces. Only available in Philly and Paramus.

Gazzarrini (made in Italy) -- beautiful stuff this season, but the only place I have seen it thus far is in the Paramus store. I am told this has been released in NYC, however. More details on that Monday.

Shoes from Boemos (made in Italy) -- a few pairs of driving-mocs made it into the Elizabeth 1/9 store and the Totowa, NJ store. Nothing special, but nicely made.

And finally, stuff to avoid -- lots of pants from Greg Peters, and coats from Kenneth Cole and Chereskin.

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