Sunday, August 12, 2012

Slowly Coming to an End

Well it looks like the new merchandise is just about to run out, w/most of the good stuff having been picked over at this point. A number of David Chu blazers are still left down here in Philly along w/a bunch of Copen Group stuff and a lot of knits.

As for new merchandise that came in this week -- some wool sweaters from 3519 (made in Italy) and a bunch of acrylic/wool combo sweaters w/the label Real Box - neither really worth your time. Also, a bunch of heavyweight full-length coats from a label called Dicarelli -- all made in the Dominican Republic w/various materials -- cashmere, camel hair -- $79.99-$199.99. The materials seemed fine, but the construction not so much. I think the name tells you all you need to know about these things.

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