Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap...Plus, Major Announcement Coming Soon

Well in visiting a bunch of NYC stores this weekend, it is clear that the merchandise is just about done, in fact I believe it may have been the last group of shipments that is being sent.  The vast majority of stuff that came in was items from the liquidator's inventory (all marked w/Black dots), not even worth mentioning here.  The NYC stores did however, still have large inventories of stock, especially Sait shirts (Mastai Ferreti, Agho, etc...), much more so than down here in Philly.

But all the stores did actually get in some scarves and gloves that are from Daffy's stock. Avoid the Calvin Klein and Geoffrey Beene, and stick to the Amicale and the no-label scarves (vendor code on the tags is ELLE) that are made in Italy - marked at $13.99, will cost you less than $10 w/the current discount.

That is it merchandise-wise for now....

BUT --- STAY TUNED TO THE BLOG --- Later this week we will have a major announcement that is bound to cause some excitement.


  1. You tease. Where are we gonna shop when this is all gone?

  2. Ha, I do tease....but patience is a virtue :)