Thursday, August 16, 2012

Merch. Update

Decent sized shipment came in --- biggest thing was an assortment of Kenneth Cole jackets -- wool blends, and some puffer coats. A small selection of cotton knitwear also came in from a label called Portocruz -- made in China, and designed like something you'd pick up at men's wearhouse.

The only worthwhile items were various leathers from Lenny Turk - most were marked as samples, and a few more random blazers from Copen Group (made in Italy) -- a Royal Hem double-breasted corduroy caught my eye, but it was one size too big.

That was all for now, though, for those of you looking for Sait/Mastai Ferretti shirts, we still have plenty of 'em down here in Philly -- they were still being put out onto the racks. Discounts are confirmed for 20% off menswear, 40% off men's shoes.

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