Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update, Part II

Well after visiting every single one of the NJ stores on Saturday, I payed a visit to 7/8 Manhattan locations on Sunday.

The only thing which really stood out differently from the pack was 34th St. which had about 10 pairs of some really beautiful Florsheim by Duckie Brown boots - some in the traditional white/gold boxes, others in plain white boxes, for $139.99.

The other major find was the Gazzarrini (made in Italy) merchandise at 18th St., 34th St., Soho, and 57th East Side. Some really amazing pieces this year, including a lot of outerwear -- my favorite was a suede shearling in Soho. Suits were available only at 18th, Soho and 57th, and there were only 4 or 5 per store. 

Copen Group items were available at every store except for 18th St. 34th St. received a large number of pants that were put out on their own rack. Try and snap these up if they're still available, as they're likely the only pants selection you will see before the store closes.

David Chu (made in Italy) blazers are available at just about every location in NYC and NJ. They got a lot of that stuff in -- high quality at dirt cheap prices.

And one final note -- down here in Philly and in the East Hanover, NJ store, they received about 6 or 7 really nicely made wool ties from Verdi & Kennedy (made in Italy). It's a boutique in NYC that sells private label Italian goods. Unsure what other stores got these, if at all, but don't count on any additional tie shipments either.

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