Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Merch. Update

Just a quick note as to what I saw on a few of the racks being rolled out onto the floor down here in Philly -- a big load of Cosby sweaters, and a bunch of merchandise from Beau Brummel, a boutique in NYC. The Brummel stuff always winds up being very mixed, with some great pieces, and some quite awful ones.

Also noticed that the shoe section (now on its own floor here in Philly) had three pairs of Messori (made in Italy) boots in size 44 EU (11US). They were very interesting to say the least.

Also of note, though I have not seen any of it personally -- the going out of business email distributed by Daffy's contained a note that there will be other 'non-Daffy's' merchandise added to the sale. If you see anything without a Daffy's tag, or that looks out of place for Daffy's, I would tend to avoid it, as it is probably the liquidators trying to unload merchandise from their prior acquisitions.


  1. Just got back from 44th/Mad & Bway shops - 30% off shoes (I picked up 2 pairs of Boemos boots, 1 pair of drivers, and a Duckie Brown loafer I've been waiting to jump on)...

    Judging by the crowd/condition of the store/motivation & morale of the employees, I'd go sooner rather than later, max out your charge card on shirts, pants, shoes, blazers, suits, and even SOCKS as this is probably the last time any of us will see this quality at these prices.

    I'm really just not sure what I'll do next to italy and shop there?

  2. Bah...I wanted access to some of those Boemos shoes, but can't make it to NYC this weekend. Perhaps they will make their way to Philly.

  3. Don't worry, there're a few extra pair at B'way that weren't tagged...I would have bought them, had the price check taken less than 30 minutes (without results). An employee asked me if "I was sure they were men's shoes?" HA! Beautiful black ankle boots...another pair of grey brogues at Madison. Lot's of suede Tremp...all in 42s & 43s...and that's just two locations (unsure if they've put everything out on the floor yet, but it seems an increasing amount of Boemos shoes are out each day - which I only know because these two locations are along my daily commute).