Monday, October 10, 2011

More Nonsense

As I've said before, you never get the good stuff at Daffy's without an equal amount of junk. Such was the case with the latter part of this week -- the Cosby sweaters are back again in full-force with items from Birillo, Stacatto, etc... - all made in Italy,  but styling that would be more appropriate for the 90s.

Also came about some really awful heavy-cotton polo shirts from some American brand, I believe it was 'Time Out'. Unsure if that was the exact name, but if you see them, you'll know what I'm talking about. They look like they came out of the bargain bin at K-Mart. Really subpar quality.

Shoes from Giorgio Brutini are scattered about the various locations. Pretty poor construction on these things.

Slightly better merchandise (not much) came in in the form of nylon jackets for fall/winter in various labels, including Giado and Amazing (might be missing a second word in the label for this one). They appear to have been produced for an Italian company, though were not made in Italy. The vendor code on these is 'SIAM' if anyone wants to give a guess at who makes them/where they're coming from. Decent stuff; at least better than the other items listed here. 

The only thing interesting to some people -- for whatever reason, the Paramus, NJ store is apparently the dumping ground for all of the leftover spring/summer merchandise. They had huge racks filled w/75% off merchandise, including a number of pieces that I remember seeing down here in Philly. Also lots of 2-Xist underwear at 75% off as well.

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