Sunday, October 23, 2011

Florsheim & J&M Shoes + Interview w/Daffy's CEO

In the last few days since I've been in, a whole new bunch of shoes came out -- a number of items from Florsheim's Imperial collection (nothing really great here, perhaps if those were deadstock from 30 years ago...), and a bunch of casual shoes from Johnston & Murphy -- these included black and mahogany wallabies/chukkas (made in Mexico) for $79.99, and red-rubber bottomed navy oxfords (made of Sheepskin in Brazil) for $69.99 (pics on the sides are the models available in the store - Kholson & Brennan). The J&M shoes were quite nice, albeit a bit on the expensive side, the Florsheim's are not worth your time IMHO.

Also happened to notice that there were a lot more shirts from Milena SpA (made in Italy) out on the floor this week as well, especially a ton of shirts from the B>More range.

And finally, another article from the Bergen Record, a North Jersey newspaper, interviewing current Daffy's CEO Caryn Lerner - here.

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