Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knits from Fuzzi are Back! + Lots of Randomness

Knits from Fuzzi Srl (made in Italy)  are back - always latecomers for some reason, but really awesome knits from Fiume and Nanibon -- looks like Nanibon updated its logo since last season. These are probably the best knits Daffy's gets in, hands-down. Prices are slightly higher than in past seasons, especially with some of the heavier wools, but they are well worth it -- I paid $119 for a double-breasted heavy wool knit sweater (almost a jacket it was that good). Small but decent selection down here in Philly. Other locations will vary, some may not get any.

Also, a few cashmere knits from Sojrn. While I believe these are made in China, they are very high quality and worth the Daffy's price of $89.99.

Those were the highlights of the week, here's a rundown of the randomness -

Leather jackets from Cole Haan. Good stuff in terms of the merchandise itself, but every discounter in the country has these things, and most at a price less than Daffy's - $299; I've seen them at TJMaxx for $199.

Wool coats from Andrea Neri (made in Italy) - these coats are ok, but quality is really hit or miss depending on what you get. Styling is also pretty non-existant; very basic stuff, but will keep you warm. Better than FB and Kemitch in my book.

Gloves from Portolano. I could have sworn they were stitched incorrectly, cause my hands just felt really awkward inside them. It's quite possible that's why they made it to Daffy's. Other gloves I've seen over the last few weeks - Carlo Rossi, Fownes, Calvin Klein and Les Copains (these ones  are retailing at $49.99)

Saw a pair of pants from a company called Bleifrei. Unsure if these were women's things that somehow made their way into the men's dept as happens on occasion (the website does not feature menswear), but they were quite nice. I saw literally one pair retailing at $29.99.

Also saw one pair of Perry Ellis pants which I was not happy about, considering what cheap junk the stuff is. I can't imagine how they consider selling these at $29.99 when there is so much better to be had for the same or less in their stores. Stuff like this never ceases to amaze me.

A small selection of some pretty ugly shirts from Ami Sanzuri - they carried his stuff in the Spring, which included a bunch of speedo-like bathing suits. At $8.99, they're practically admitting how awful these things are.

A few knits from a company called Harry's Club. Unsure what to make of them, but the fact that the label said "Styled in Italy" makes me quite wary of these things.

More, believe it or not --- random pullover knits from System, puffer jackets from Kenneth Cole and Kenneth Cole Reaction, and bow ties from Countess Mara. All not worth your time.


  1. Did you notice that the Nanibon pieces had metal logos sewn into the bottom portion of the knits?

    I only got a chance to get a quick look, and they may be easily removed; just thought it was a bit odd.

  2. Yeah, some had metal, others had rubber logos on the sleeve. It's definitely something new for this season as I've never seen it on previous garments. I mean, I personally don't care one way or another b/c the stuff is so nice, but I understand that it may dissuade some people.

  3. Did you think they could be removed (particularly the metal ones which appeared to be more loosely fashioned than the rubber logos) without damaging the items or would you need to get a weaver involved?

    I really love their stuff and have purchased it consistently over the last few years, but the display of the logo cheapened the items and in my eyes, and diminished the level of sophistication. I do not want my clothes to be an advertisement for any brand (other than certain limited exceptions where the logo is an inherent part of the garment such as Lacoste shirts).

  4. Honestly I don't know; if you want to remove, I'd do it with caution, b/c you won't be able to return it at that point. I'm always very careful with knits, especially the ones from Daffy's that often have slight imperfections and are cared for pretty badly in the stores.