Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ho Hum Week @ Daffy's

So things are slowing down at Daffy's in terms of new merchandise coming in -- here's a short list, as there wasn't much of anything worth noting aside from some leathers/shearlings (see last line) ---

A lot of Made in Italy scarves, almost all 100% wool, or a mix w/silk and/or cashmere. The labels appear to have been removed on all of them, but they are quite nice in all sorts of different patterns. The vendor code is IBELLE if that sounds like anything anyone recognizes.

Bags are back from Korchmar - nicely made leather bags, but I wouldn't exactly call these things stylish. Much more utilitarian than anything else.

Some backpacks from Beverly Hills Polo Club were put in the men's dept. for some reason.

Other random stuff --- wallets from Nike; some boxed scarves from Donald Trump Collection.

The best part of the last week -- Philly got in two shearlings (yes, literally two, that is it) from a leather manufacturer that came in last season w/a much wider selection. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the manufacturer, but the vendor code is OLIV, and you will recognized them b/c the label inside is cut out, and they have a navy hang tag which looks pretty strange - sadly, don't know how else to describe them. Will try and have pictures for next week -- but bottom line is these things are made extremely well, and have a bit more styling/fit than the Owen Barry stuff that came in a month ago. They're selling between $400-$500 w/a claimed original retail of over $1500 - which does not surprise me at all. These particular items were marked final sale, and I don't believe the other shearlings are marked that.


  1. On a side note, are you familiar with the Rialto brand? I have a decent coat from them, made in Italy, that I picked up from Daffy's. I have been unable to find anything on the web about the brand.

  2. I'm familiar with them, but only through Daffy's. They appear to be decently made, but I've never been a fan b/c there's very little shape or styling to them. All I know is that Daffy's has carried their stuff for several years now. On my next visit I'll take a look at the vendor code and see if I can do some sleuthing.

  3. I agree - I had the coat taken in to add some more shape to it, but it appears to be ok construction and after the alterations has a much better shape.