Saturday, October 22, 2011

Belts Anyone?

...Cause that's all you've got this week from what I can tell. Made a quick stop into the Philly store yesterday, and even though I was told some more coats came in, the only thing new that I could see were some additional belts from Torino (made in USA). These are some really nice things, and most are of exotic leathers - I've seen a number of crocodile belts, ostrich, water buffalo and sting ray. Quite an eclectic selection, most in larger sizes. Pretty good quality. Now, if only Daffy's had gotten in some of the bags from Torino Leather, I'd be much happier.


  1. I saw a fair number of these belts at 57th and Lex today. Not my cuppa, but if you're into aligator . . . Also got a very nice Lui di Lancetti shirt from the sale rack at $22.49, and my usual bagful of $29.99 Alea shirts, which I have a weakness for. Unusually for me, I picked up a suit, labeled "Linea Sartoriale since 1967" which seems decently made from good wool. Any idea who makes these? The Daffy's tag code is IMEK

  2. The Linea Sartoriale line of suits is made by Kemitch; they also make ENYILE, Sartoria Corsini, Roberto Rovi and a few others. Pretty low on the totem pole in terms of quality, but every so often Kemitch has something decent, but that's the best I would ever say about the company.