Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick Update - Fiesoli Knits + Ortenzi Suits

Headed for NYC this weekend, so will have a much bigger update coming up. But, wanted to point out some nice pieces that came in this week - knits from Daniele Fiesoli (made in Italy) - these include items from Wool & Co. and Milkywear, amongst others. Some really great stuff --- I already bought myself this beautiful shawl-collar 100% merino wool sweater for $69.99.

Another boon for the week -- suits from Ortenzi (made in Italy) - these things are fully canvassed and made extremely well. I saw several suits and even three-piece tuxedos in Philly, but they were all size 40 and above; I don't think you'll be seeing many Ortenzi items in small sizes, same as last season. But keep your eye out for some high-end labels amongst the Ortenzi merchandise - last season I saw a suit from Paul Smith and a blazer from Bikkimbergs - both of which were made by Ortenzi.

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