Thursday, August 4, 2011

More on Patrizia Pepe

Just so everyone understands the nature of what Daffy's gets in with the merchandise from Patrizia Pepe, I wanted to share some pics of outerwear I've been ogling over at the company's webstore - which, by the way, looks like they're selling now in the U.S., but I doubt prices on these things will ever get anywhere near Daffy's-range. The notch-lapel shearling to the left is running $1428, and the leather/knitted bomber is going for $1385.

Link to the Patrizia Pepe Store


  1. Awesome blog btw, really helpful. What are your thoughts on the Patrezia Pepe suit separates? I saw a wool/polyamide suit with a very soft hand that had an almost raw denim like coloring. The only thing is the pockets are trendy and the flaps are very short. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  2. As long as you're on the younger side, Patrizia Pepe stuff is terrific. The only caveat I have is to watch the material and the fit -- sometimes there will be a lot of polyester in the garments, and the fit varies really from piece to piece, so you really have to try on everything. The pockets sound fine to me, but yes PP is very trendy, so if that's not your thing, perhaps wait another month or so for some other labels that may come in -- esp. if you're looking for a blazer, do a search on here for "Copen Group" and "Royal Hem" -- assuming Daffy's gets that stuff in, it's some really nice stuff and usually a bit more traditional in terms of styling.

  3. Awesome thanks so much very helpful. I'm under 25 so I think this will be good for me. Will def keep reading and recommending this blog