Monday, August 22, 2011

Messagerie Musings

Needed a quick break from work, so I went poking through some of the Messagerie merchandise over on Yoox. It always amazes me at some of the accessories that Yoox gets in but we never get to see at Daffy's. Even if it's just ties or hats, we never really see that in any brand. Here's a pair of shoes that I'd be all over if they were in my size -- just cool and unique IMHO. As a side-note, I believe Yoox is starting to prohibit several designers from being purchased in the States -- specifically stuff which is being carried at Daffy's - namely - Jey Cole Man, Solosali, Alea, Rosso Malaspino, & Royal Hem are not available state-side, but are available if you change your country outside of the U.S. Wasn't always this way, so it makes me wonder...

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