Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Batch of Knits

The Philly store got in its first major batch of knits for Fall, including lots of chunky wool sweaters. A good mix of items from Solosali (made in Italy), and Teodori (made in Italy) -- Solosali was running approx. $69.99/item, I didn't catch the price on the Teodori items, though they were marked as samples, so likely less than the Solosali.

Also a bunch of random samples from labels like Kuhlman and Natural Blue by Visitor. The random American brands all came from the same manufacturer, but I wouldn't have the first clue as to its name. Prices on these things were pretty incredible considering many pieces were made of wool and decently constructed -- everything I saw was $16.99 or less.

I also noticed amongst the Compagnia Delle Pelli jackets, one piece made for Angelo Nardelli -- ATTENTION DAFFY'S BUYERS - if there is a high-end yet relatively unknown brand from Italy to get into the store, this would be it. Nardelli closeouts have been popping up a lot on eBay of late and I think it would be a great addition of merchandise to the store.

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