Sunday, August 14, 2011

Italian Shoes are In, Plus Knits from Alea

Fall Italian shoes came in this week, the vast majority from Tremp (made in Italy) and Bait (made in Italy), as well as a few items from Boemos (made in Italy) and a few other labels in unmarked boxes -- I saw a few pairs of nicely made boots from a label called Bagatti (made in Italy), and happened to come across one pair of shoes from Coach. Selections will likely vary by store, but I highly suggest you get there sooner than later, as these things never last, and based on past seasons, Daffy's will not likely be getting in much beyond this batch for the rest of the season (though, I really hope I'm wrong about that).

I already mentioned knits in the prior post, but on top of Solosali and Teodori, Daffy's got in, for the first time I can recall, knits from Alea/Rosso Malaspino (made in Italy) -- I saw a number of 100% cashmere sweaters from them. Really beautiful things. I assume this means we'll be seeing shirts from Alea in the very near future.

Another small batch of shirts came in - various items from Admiral's Cup, Spada, Pueterey and others, all made in Italy. Approx. $29.99/shirt. Nicely made stuff, but wasn't a very big group of items.

Also in the shoe dept. -- more shoes from Banana Blues and something called Rockabilly - the Banana Blues ones are at least passable; the Rockabilly, I wasn't too fond of. Honestly, I wish the whole shoe dept. was just stocked to the brim w/Italian merchandise, but sadly that's not the case.

Not much else to report this week. I'll be making a trip up to NYC next weekend, so will have updates per store, as time permits. Hoping there are still some Gazzarrini suits left for me by then (size 36US/46EU if anyone wants to take a lookout) - sadly, Philly has only gotten junk thus far suit-wise, even though it's probably the second-largest, or possibly even the biggest, store in the whole chain when it comes to shear retail space.

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