Friday, June 10, 2011

Update Coming This Weekend

Another crazy week at work, but hoping to make a stop this weekend to take a gander for anything new. For those of you that know of the website, they've already started stocking their Fall merchandise -- basically it's a closeout company based in Italy that buys up leftovers from the manufacutrers over there; very similar business model to Daffy's, so they wind up carrying much of the same stuff, just at 2-4x's the price Daffy's charges :P

Anyway, take a look at what they're stocking for Gazzarrini, Patrizia Pepe, Jey Cole Man, Solosali, Daniele Fiesoli, Futuro, Mastai Feretti, and other brands featured on the blog. There's a good chance you'll see some of that stuff popping up at Daffy's in the next few months once the Fall merchandise starts rolling in. I, for one, have started to salivate over the knit cardigans I saw from Patrizia Pepe, and the JCM stuff is particularly nice. They haven't put up many suits yet, but I'm sure they're only slowly starting to build their inventory over at Yoox.

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