Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quick Update

Very quick update, as I've been working some insane hours at the new job, and need to make sure I get some sleep.

Suiting + Blazers came in from a label called 'Ibiza'. I haven't been able to find anything on the stuff, other than one eBay seller that's selling a ton of it, and one lone suit on selling for around $130. The merchandise seemed ok, and everything was marked as a Sample. Suits were $69.99-$89.99 depending on material; blazers I don't recall, probably around the $40-50 mark. Decent, but certainly nothing special or particularly well-made.

Shirting from Henry Grethel, a name which seems to be synonymous with early-mid 1990's based on a Google Images search. Can't imagine where they got this stuff from, but again, it's decent, just nothing I would ever purchase for myself. Styling was a bit on the older side. Most of the stuff was either made in Hong Kong or Bangladesh.

There was also some activewear marked 'Athlete Ironman' from a company called Zorrel. Seemed to be some sort of imitation of Under Armour-esque clothing. More info here. Nothing too special, but if you need that kind of stuff, they have it. It seemed there was a lot of stuff from Zorrel outside of the ironman items aswell.

One last bit, I noticed also some jeans from Tavernitini Jeans. Honestly can't believe these things sell for well over $100 on most websites, but they do. Daffy's had them for less than $30, I believe it may have even been $19.99, but I can't recall, honestly. Great buy if you can find something that's a bit more reserved, as much of the pairs I saw were pretty out-there.

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