Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ho Hum Week, Though Some Decent Footwear from J. Shoes

A lot of weird things came into the Philly store in the last week or so; not really sure I would say anything great, though I was quite happy w/some shoes in particular  --

Shirting from Michelson's of London, Archive Collection, I believe at $26.99 each. These were pretty ho-hum - made in China, fit and construction nothing special. Haven't heard of them, but then again that's nothing new at Daffy's. All I could find is that they seem to make formalwear accessories.

Wool pants from Greg Peters; pretty poorly made, I would stay away from them. From what I can tell, this stuff is pretty low end. Same goes for shirting from a company called Zimni; appears to be a designer named "Alberto Zimni" that doesn't really produce much these days.

Also, some uber-gaudy tuxedo jackets w/tails from Il Terzo Uomo -- I've mentioned this brand before before; made by the same company that produces under Gaf, Ugaf, and Spago Uomo. Just poor quality things, often extremely flashy, bad construction and use of synthetic fabric. Stay away :P (I have a feeling these were shipped down from NYC-area stores after not selling too well up there; they did that w/some Copen Group blazers a few weeks ago).

Shoes came in from Varese, as well as a small assortment of other labels from them. Even though they're stamped 'Made in Italy', construction on this stuff is pretty poor, and they're really not worth much. I would avoid them unless you need some cheap things in a pinch.

The only really redeeming thing about this past week --- shoes from J. Shoes - mostly samples, all marked at $29.99 - the same shoes will run you easily at least 2-3x as much outside of Daffy's. Some great things, in all sorts of different styles. Unfortunately, the pair I really liked were copped by someone else in 24 hours :( -- pair of ox-blood colored oxfords. Really nice things; I'll just pretend they wouldn't have fit me anyway.

-- And a quick note: All American-branded shirts (CK, Beene, Ike Behar, Kenneth Cole, etc...) are 25% off, though I've seen these things literally for less than $1 on final clearance; All ties are 25% off as well, and I believe a small shipment of new Altea ties came in for father's day. Also applicable to the 25% off discount -- Valentino shirts, which are now $59.99 w/the discount; better deal than before - unsure if that will last long or not.

And, finally, as much as I was pissy about the poor showing this week, a big shout out to Clarita at the Philly store. Some great customer service from her, and I'll be glad to see her in  the coming weeks.

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