Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not Much in Philly :(

Another week of almost nothing new. I'm beginning to think my Sloppy Seconds post was fortuitous of what the higher-ups think of the store - as in, let's put all our best merchandise in NYC, and we'll let Philadelphia have the leftovers -- hopefully that's not the case, but I can't imagine that the NYC-area stores are not getting in Fall merchandise already, or at least have significantly cleared out their spring/summer stuff and shipped it down here or to 34th St.

Anyway, the two bits of new stuff worth mentioning --

Shoes from Alan Payne (made in Brazil) -- decently made loafers, and a few saddle shoes w/Amazonas rubber soles. All $49.99 - not a huge selection, but they had a few pairs in most sizes.

Some navy linen shorts from French Connection for $13.99. Sadly, the Size 28 didn't even fit me (strange, as I'm normally a 30 waist, but I suppose the linen fits differently). Decent stuff but there were only a few pairs; the rest of the merchandise was NYC leftovers :P

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