Sunday, June 19, 2011

Philly - Sloppy Seconds?

This week in Philly didn't seem to get anything new, persay, more like new to the Philly store. It seems the store got in a large amount of shirts, pants, suits and sportcoats from NY-area stores. All the stuff can be told apart because the original tags have been replaced with price tags marks "AS IS", and the source designation code reads "MNTW" on all of them (see: 'Anatomy of a Daffy's Hang Tag'). Only benefit is that the prices have been marked down decently since the original price tags - i.e., a Messori suit for $69.99, which normally starts its Daffy's life at around $300.

In a way, I'm not particularly upset about this as I managed to pick up a nice linen blazer for $50; it just feels like the folks in corporate decided to dump the leftovers down here, and they don't think the store is good enough for new merchandise yet -- HELLO!!! Blogger who spends insane amount of time and money at that store and lets the world know about your merchandise!!! (sorry for the self-promotion, but I want to make sure the honchos know I want the good stuff so I don't have to schlep up to NYC if I can avoid it)

Be that as it may, I was informed that the Philadelphia store will be turning its Third Floor into a Clearance Floor as of next week for the spring/left over winter merchandise. Unsure how that will affect the men's department, but it's possible that the Philly store may permanently become a clearance location, simply b/c of the retail space available in the building. Will be interesting to see how that's implemented -- will have a full report on that next week if it actually comes to fruition.

That's really all for this week. I believe I also noticed some Paul & Shark (made in Italy) short sleeve button-downs and polo-shirts, a brand which normally only appears in the Paramus, NJ store. Decent looking, too preppy for my tastes. Hopefully next week will bring something better.

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