Friday, April 1, 2011

Sottotono...A Big No-No

Quick end of the week update before I write some interesting posts this weekend which I hope the folks over at Daffy's corporate will take note of. Anyhow, here's what came in at the end of this week:

About every Daffy's location got in a large selection of pants and sportcoats from Sottotono (made in Italy). The problem with this stuff is simply construction, which is pretty bad. The cut is decent in the sense that it's slim-fitting, but the materials used and the quality of the garments are on the cheap side. I would personally stay away from this stuff, but if you pick something up and it fits, the prices are generally lower than most of the other merchandise. Just realize it will likely only last you one season.

Not much else to report - those linen shirts I saw last weekend from Visitor have now invaded every Daffy's location, unfortunately.

Update (4/2) -- Perhaps I was too nice to Sottotono above. Stopped in at the Paramus, NJ store, and they had a huge selection of the stuff including shirts. Lots more synthetics and cheaply made stuff than I had seen at the other store I had visited which only had a limited selection. To top it all off, I noticed these gauzy-cotton henley-like shirts in a levender color which Daffy's carried literally a year ago and never sold. On top of being cheaply made the Sottotono merchandise is just pretty darn ugly. Steer clear.

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