Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recap of Last Week

Update (4/27) - Pics added below of some of the Conbipel and Alternative Apparel Merch.

Nothing of great interest came in last week, but here's the rundown from my visit to the Paramus, NJ store; didn't have a chance to take a look at the NYC stores other than 44th St. earlier in the week, as work's been brutal. Should have a few pics up soon.

Small selections of t-shirts, polos and some track-jacket-like things from Italian brand Conbipel. From what I can tell, Conbipel is like the Gap of Italy, with low-priced, somewhat-stylish goods. I mean you can tell these things aren't that expensive to begin with from the simple fact that the Euro price tags are still hanging from the garments. Nothing special here, but the prices are below $15 on almost every piece I saw, so worth a look. Not hideous, though the track jackets are verging there (pics to follow). Note: This stuff is NOT made in Italy; I believe I saw 'Made in Bangladesh' on one of the shirts.

A wider selection of shirts from Altenative Apparel, all at $7.99 or less -- t-shirts and a few 3/4 sleeve henleys. I picked up a 100% linen t-shirt for myself, though wish the henleys were smaller sizes, as they were all either L or XL. Great steals at this price, as original MSRP's are $30+ and other closeout stores would be nearly twice what Daffy's is asking. A great coup here if I may say so, and this is one of the few American brands I will actually give kudos to the Daffy's buyer for getting right. Now, just have to get the floor managers to move that merchandise to the front of the store...

The only other stuff which came in was a selection of Sandals/Flip-Flops. Levi's and Penguin branded flip-flops were available, but the nicer stuff was from J-Shoes ($30/pair), Donald Pliner (note: these are made in China, NOT Italy; I believe about $50/pair), Tretorn ($12/pair) and Fly London ($50/pair - don't know why these ones are so expensive -- good brand, but not worth that IMHO for some sandals). Now if Daffy's could just get in some Havianna's (currently $9.97 at Century 21 for a limited selection if anyone's interested).

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