Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty Humdrum Week...

Not much to mention right now, but here are the few bits and pieces that came in over the past week --

Shirting from a company called Gino Ricci (made in Italy) (not an actual shirt from Daffy's to the right, only used to show labels) -- some decent button down shirts, all marked at $19.99. Be aware, however, that for some reason the stores I visited (34th St. and Soho) decided to keep these folded up in their original packaging. So look for them in the shelving area with the folded up shirts. Though, as I've mentioned before, I don't know why they do this - no one has the time/patience to sift through all those shirts that are folded up, and then it's an extra hassle to take out all the pins and such to try it on...

Also, looks like Daffy's got in its seasonal shipment from Fuzzi SpA (made in Italy) which produces some awesome knits and a few buttondowns under the labels of Nanibon and Fiume. Century 21 often carries the Fiume line as well, and I believe had a very small selection of short sleeve shirts if that matters to you. The only problem here is that it doesn't appear much came in - only saw these at 34th St. thus far, and it was only a small handful of pieces mixed in with the other knits. If you can find them, they are extremely well made and worth every penny -- usually priced upwards of $40 per sweater. So far, I only saw items from Nannibon and not Fiume.

The only other piece of info worth mentioning is that it looks like there has been a small restock of sportscoats from Copen Group (made in Italy). This may have just been a consolidation of merchandise at 34th St., but I saw a number of pieces there which I've yet to have seen this season. These are the items with the hang-tag w/a little crest on it -- also any items marked Royal Hem which are probably the best items Copen Group produces in terms of quality and fit.

And finally, STAY AWAY from these nylon jackets from US Polo Association. These are extremely low-end closeouts which you'll find at any discounter, likely came from Kohl's or JCPenney's. If you want a deal, buy some stuff off the uber-clearance racks at 34th St. -- which reminds me - just about every store has Jey Cole Man (made in Italy) marked down by 30%; JCM is one of my favorite labels Daffy's carries and is worth picking up at these prices for sure.

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