Friday, April 8, 2011

Nanibon/Fiume Update

Was at the Paramus, NJ store tonight, and they had a vastly larger selection that what I saw at 34th St. on Thursday. This included lots of short sleeve knits, some awesome cardigans, and button-downs in linen and cotton, from both Nanibon and Fiume. These things are likely the best-made knits Daffy's gets in, and the pricing this season is pretty good - i.e., lower than I've seen in past seasons. Even saw a few pairs of shorts -- never seen any bottoms from these brands.

My favorite piece was this 100% Linen knitted henley shirt (pictured to the right) which came in beige and black for $50; sadly not my size, but I had to share this. I expect most stores to get at least some of this merchandise given the large amount the the Paramus store had in stock.

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