Saturday, April 16, 2011

Huge Restock of Milena SpA Shirting

Just got back from a few shopping trips at Daffy's. Appears that all the stores got a huge restock of shirting from Milena SpA. Lots of new shirts from B>More, Delsiena, Milena, Marcus, Il Grancho, Mylord, Barbarigo, Renato Balestra and many more, all slim fitting and all made in Italy. Some of the best shirts Daffy's gets in, right up there w/Mastai Feretti nnd Alea. Everything is $29.99, though be aware that most stores will have these still in their boxes rather than out on the racks, and it may be a pain to try on -- Daffy's, PLEASE take your shirts OUT of the boxes :P

Other stuff -- a very limited selection (read: two or three per size) of t-shirts from Alternative Apparel came in to the East Hanover, NJ store at $7/shirt, which is a great buy - averages $15-$20 at Loehmann's, and even more at regular retail stores like Urban Outfitters.

East Hanover also got in a small selection of merchandise from Martin Gordon; I've seen from this label at places like TJMaxx before -- nothing special at all, but at least it's priced to move - shirts and bottoms from $13.99. Also, most stores got in hats from A. Kurtz -- I never really understood this brand, but it's a military-inspired look that some people like and Daffy's seems to get a small selection once each season.

As a quick sidenote, I also noticed shirts from U.S. Expedition in the young men's dept. -- selling for around $13.99/shirt. These can be had for $10 or less at tri-state area Payhalf stores. And believe me when I say, if Daffy's is carrying the same merchandise as Payhalf, there is a big problem. Payhalf is probably the lowest-end junk you will ever find at a closeout store -- jeans with all the tags and labels removed, lots of stuff from brands like Ron Cherskin and Eddie Domani - all brands you'll probably never see outside that store or other extremely low-end closeout stores. Please, Daffy's, up your game and stop buying this junk - I even provided a huge list of brands to look into in a prior post - stuff like U.S. Expedition, US Polo Association, Modern Culture and Counter Intelligence should be left to the low-end stores and not to sit on shelving which could be used for better merchandise.

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