Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Update, Plus Major News

Quick weekend update - the big score for the week was the Incotex pants which came in on Friday to all Daffy's locations. Philly got a huge shipment, and other stores I've been to thus far in NJ got sizable ones as well - I'm assuming all NYC stores got these too. Be aware that most of the pants have slight imperfections, some more noticeable than others, and the sizing is off on a lot of them - mainly b/c it is clear that some of the pants are made for specific markets which have different sizing standards from the rest of the EU -- so make sure you try everything on, or bring a measuring tape w/you - the Daffy's price tags are wrong on the sizing in a lot of instances. For those of you wondering, so far I've seen pants made for Zegna and Faconnable mixed in with the Incotex-branded items.

Not much else other than what I mentioned mid-week. There appears to have been a small shipment of ties for spring from Bruno Piatelli and Daks London, both of which are well made, Daks being the better of the two, though the ties are generally on the wider side.

And the major news item of the week - I heard a rumor in one of the stores this weekend, and I've been able to confirm w/a snippet of an article I found on Google -- Caryn Lerner, the CEO that had been brought in from Holt Renfrew to run Daffy's, has stepped down, and Marcia Wilson is back at the helm once again. It's been approximately one year since she was brought in, and I'm not sure exactly how much she has helped the company to be honest. This is the only article I can find backing this up, but you have to pay to read the article. If anyone finds another source, feel free to leave a link in the comments below.

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