Friday, March 9, 2012


INCOTEX PANTS ARE NOW IN -- Huge shipment of Incotex pants came into Philly today, though a lot of it is still in the back and not out on the floor yet. I was told someone already came in and bought 20 pairs. Most have slight defects, though, barely noticeable unless you see some little yellow stickers on them.

And if you do stop in, remember these can be yours for $16 w/this week's 20% off coupon, available on the Daffy's website. Plus, be sure to check out Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi-made shirts, $26.99-$29.99, shirts from Alea Fashion Industries, and shirts from Carrell/Del Siena, all $29.99 + suits from Gazzarrini and Copen Group (look for the hang tag w/a crest or one that says 'De Curtis;). Sorry if I sound like a walking Daffy's ad, but there hasn't been this big of a shipment of Incotex pants in a while, so I want to publicize the other great stuff there in the meantime. Good luck hunting!

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