Monday, March 19, 2012

Update, Week of 3/12-3/18

Really the only thing of value this past week was the John Barritt merchandise that came in. Blazers, pants, suits, jackets, shirts and knits - all great stuff and priced to move. A few items also came in under the Luck in Luck label - all produced by the same parent company, Mavecon SRL. While most of the items fit well, the construction is not the best you can find at Daffy's - most of the items are actually produced outside of Italy and imported into the country. But price-wise, you can't really beat what Daffy's is asking for these items.

On the casual side, I sadly noticed some items from Just a Cheap Shirt - shirts and cargo pants, and some button-downs from Andrew Marc. I'm really not a fan of bringing in items that can be had at every other discounter, and I wish Daffy's would realize they need to stick to a plan, but sadly I have no say in that (at least not yet...)

And the worst items of the week -- 1) Some pretty awful ties from a brand called Ertu - I had noticed these last week in the Totowa store, but they just came in down here in Philly. They're made ok, some made in Italy, others only marked 'Designed in Italy', but most are simply ugly and look like they came from a vintage store. 2) A whole rack of wool pants from Greg Peters --- these did not sell last season, and I can't imagine why they're trying to sell them again now. Perhaps some of the more portly fellows can use these things, but otherwise stay away.

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