Friday, March 30, 2012

Sottotono...Why-oh, Why-oh?

Last season my post was called 'Sottotono...A Big No-No', I'm trying to keep it fresh ;)

Fact of the matter is that Sottotono (made in Italy) is simply some of the worst merchandise that Daffy's gets in, and that appears to be the only major brand that came in this week. Don't let the fact that the items are made in Italy fool's still utter junk. The construction and fabrication is awful, and the designs are usually just pure ugly for lack of a better descriptor. I simply do not understand why this stuff continues to be sold.

The only other thing I noticed this week was neon-colored t-shirts from a label called U.S. Vintage. Nothing special, $8.99 each. Use them to go work out in the gym or something.

Was hoping at least to see some old Fall merchandise from other stores down here, but that didn't happen yet. What did happen, however, is that all Fall items are an additional 75% off, including the shearlings. So might be worth a trip either to 34th St. or Philly (the two major locations with decent Fall/Winter stock left).

I don't expect much else to be updated this weekend, but I will post a picture of some awesome double-monk shoes which I picked up last weekend at the Bloomingdales Outlet in Paramus (the same mall also has a Century 21, Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th and Neiman Marcus Last Call).

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