Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Great New Finds in Philly

Made my first official trip to the Philly store today as a resident of the city. Was proud to say there was a lot more merchandise to be happy about than when I made a short stop a few weeks ago. Here's the details:

Shirting from Valentino (made in Italy) - some really great stuff, all in boxes. The major drawback here is the price -- $79.99 for each shirt. I'm glad to see this kind of stuff, but the pricing is kind of insane when you compare it to the shirting from Alea, Milena and Mastai Feretti, which are as-good if not better quality and all at $29.99 or less. $79.99 is the kind of price I've come to expect from Century 21 or Loehmann's not Daffy's :P... so great find, but awful price point for the time being - wait til at least the first markdown on these.

Casual shoes from Superga -- some great items, various sizes and colors in canvas and leather, all at $26.99. You will not find these anywhere for less. I picked up the pair to the right for myself. Super comfortable and better yet, super affordable.

The Philly store also had a HUGE selection of shoes from Martin Dingman -- these likely came in last week, but the biggest selection I've seen in any store - even boat shoes and some awesome looking sandals ($69.99 for the sandals).

Also, belts and a few leather tote bags from a brand called Bodhi. The belts were very rocker-chic, not my style but looked well made. The bags (only 2 at this location) were interesting -- looked quite well made (couldn't find country of origin) - all black leather w/portions in suede -- priced at $299.99. Unsure how good of a deal this is - I can't seem to find the exact bag, but from what I have found they're selling around $349 on the web. So a decent price, but the tag said the original price was over $900, which based on my few searches seems a bit inflated. Good item if your local Daffy's is stocking them, probably won't last long.

And a few bits and pieces worth mentioning -- Apparently Milena SpA makes shirts for Neil Barrett - I found a shirt mixed in w/everything else marked w/the Barrett label, w/the Daffy's tag indicating the vendor was Milena. Of course it was marked at $29.99 - insanely cheap for what it is. Sadly, it was one size too big for myself, and that was probably the only one of its kind :( .... I also noticed some linen blazers from a company called Santori w/the tag line, 'la linea sartoria'. Didn't really think much of them, as I don't know what one would do w/an orange linen blazer, but it's there if you need one - quality seemed OK, didn't get to look at the price. Finally, the shoe section also had a very small selection of casual shoes from Impulse -- some nice things that were priced to move.

So, all in all, one week in I'd say I'm happy w/Daffy's in Philly. The suit/blazer section was worn out, but that may be asking for too much too soon. Keep it up please :)

As a quick side-note -- perhaps it's time Daffy's started educating its staff about the merchandise it carries-- I spent a good amount of time helping out a couple that were looking for a dress shirt -- I steered them away from the Kenneth Cole and Geoffrey Beene area, towards the Italian shirting. I will gladly help out anyone navigating Daffy's for the first time (I've done so on several occasions in New York), but I find it silly that the people working in the store have no clue about the merchandise they carry. Salespeople should be more than stockists and theft-prevention.

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