Friday, May 6, 2011

New in at Philly

Went apartment hunting in Philly today for my move, and of course managed to work in a stop at Daffy's :) --- that said, I was not particularly impressed w/the merchandise selection at the moment. Only a few things stood out as being new that I believe likely came in recently, nothing special in my book but I will list them out anyway --

A load of cotton and wool pants from Banana Republic, all marked at $19.99. There were a few other brands in there including Tasso Elba (the Macy's house brand), as I assume these are coming direct from the manufacturer rather than from Gap. Honestly, I'd much prefer Italian stuff to this, but at $19.99 buy one or two and use them for casual-wear as needed.

Lots of old-man sportswear from Bobby Chan. This stuff has been a staple at Daffy's for a while; but just b/c it's a staple, doesn't mean it's a good thing. Honestly, there's no design to the stuff, and it's mostly pieces of man-made fabric (polyester, nylon) made for late-middle-aged men to go out on weekends. This stuff belongs in Sears, not Daffy's. Stay away, stay away.

That's all I noted in Philly; didn't have time to comb through the entire store, but I did notice there were still a handful of ties on the clearance rack -- including a few Guy Laroche marked at $3.74!!! Kind of insane how low these things go, but there's not a big selection, so scoop them up if you're in the Philly area.

This weekend, I'm going to try and make my final stop at the Elizabeth, NJ stores before I head to Philly, and possibly Secaucus, though that one's usually a waste of my time.

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