Thursday, May 5, 2011

The End of NYC Updates for a While

Closing up shop up here in NYC in a few weeks, as I will be permanently moving down to Philly to start a new job. Philadelphia Daffy's, get ready :)

I will still have access to a Daffy's down there, but there's only the one location w/in a decent radius. Of course, I will continue to provide updates, but it will be limited to the stuff that comes into the Philly store; will likely be visiting NYC once a month or so to get my fill of Daffy's, but don't expect updates from 3 or 4 stores on a weekly basis.

If anyone wants to help out w/NYC updates, please leave a comment below.


  1. welcome to Philly! Will be interested in hearing your take on the local store. Oustanding for ties, a bit hit-or-miss on other things (although I was able to get some great sports shirts for summer). ..always a fun shopping challenge...

  2. One small secret I never mentioned about the Philly store -- at the very beginning of the season, when they got in Gazzarrini suits before any other store, those happened to be samples from Rafaelle Caruso; I only learned that much later on, but Philly was really the only store to get a major haul of that stuff - there were other labels in that group of items as well (incl. Sand, and some pants marked for Caruso which I mistook for Mabitex), but everything is long gone by now from what I can tell.